Classic Pineapple Ice Cream

For the past couple of weeks, my child has been asking me to make pineapple ice cream. I had never.

For the past couple of weeks, my child has been asking me to make pineapple ice cream. I had never tried it before and was unsure if it was possible or would even taste good. Sure, pineapple orange sherbet was great, but sherbet has only 5% milk. A pineapple ice cream recipe that locked out ice crystals could be a challenge.

To my surprise, I found the answer in an antique from over one hundred years ago that is still tasty today.

Like cookbooks from the first parts of the 20the century often do, the recipe explains how and why the freezing process works and the proper ratio of salt to ice in the bin. The directions call for a hand churn mixer or an icebox. Fortunately, I had an electric maker and a freezer.

Vintage Pineapple Puzzle

The ingredients are few and simple. A primary puzzle was the weight of “one can” of pineapple. A modern can is 20 oz, far too large for a special summertime ingredient. I asked around online until someone found an ad from the 20s that showed a 12 oz can. Another person suggested following the peach recipe below with 1.5 cups of equivalent pineapple. The ingredients also called for the juice of 3 lemons, which would introduce a couple of tablespoons of water that could crystallize.

Pineapple Ice Cream Recip
Antique Pineapple Ice Cream Recipe

I made one batch with the 12 oz of pineapple and just zest of lemons and another batch following the directions, except for one less lemon. Surprisingly, the original recipe came out better. I think the lemons must have emacerated and softened the pineapple, thereby preventing it from freezing and crystallizing.

Vintage REcipe for Pineapple Ice Cream
Cool, tangy pineapple ice cream

Pineapple Ice Cream – Tastes Like Summer

The flavor of pineapple ice cream was bright and fresh. The texture felt like soft-serve with chunks of pineapple mixed in. The child approved of it as “very good”. The sweetness came from the fruit itself, and it sat nicely against the heavy cream. Recipes from that era used less sugar typically, especially during the war periods. I could see a family sitting out on the long enjoying under a tree. Some simple summer delights transcend time.

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